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In response to my recent Facebook post about our new media promotion service, I’m outlining some details below

As you may know, I broadcast two radio shows each week on Blues & Roots Radio, one called The Acoustic Yard and one called Celtic Starfish. Both shows aim to promote independent Irish (predominately) music. This is a passion of mine, as I am myself a musician and have been in the music industry for 40 years. 

As you can imagine I receive a lot of music each week from artists and I do my best to play as many songs as I can. I also give a lot of advice to artists about recording, getting their music properly mixed and mastered, creating accessible media files and some general tips about promotion and social media. 

Musicians have started to ask me if I can help them get their singles and albums promoted in a professional and effective way and this is why I am now offering this service.

The service includes:

  • writing a professional press release
  • creating accessible media files (mp3s, wav files, images, artwork, etc)
  • recording a short promotional video to attract attention
  • sending out this information to over 100 selected radio stations, broadcasters, bloggers and news media outlets
  • checking airplay, following up on initial email on release day and one week later to maximise impact
  • guidance on social media 

As a musician myself, I know how time consuming this can be so my goal is to help musicians get some promotional materials out there in time for their single or CD launch and help those with any technical fears or barriers. 

As well as a musician, I am a music producer, broadcaster and qualified journalist. I have built up a relationship with multiple DJs and networks over time and have worked out how specific people like to receive information which makes the difference between the email being opened or immediately being assigned to the junk box. The email will contain a visually attractive package with all the correct information that DJs need.
I understand that any PR can be prohibitively expensive (been there, paid that invoice), so I am pitching this package at a guaranteed low price to help musicians in the current climate. I believe it represents very good value for money to get you up and running on the PR road. 

Email for more information.

I share your passion for songwriting and hope the we can work together on your next project. 

David Dee Moore YARD MEDIA

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