Morrissey & Marshall at The Acoustic Yard

Morrissey & Marshall

Live at The Acoustic Yard Music Festival Friday May 10th 2019

The Clock Tavern Restaurant,

Westport, Co.Mayo


We are delighted to announce the opening headline act at this year’s The Acoustic Yard Music Festival Westport are the wonderful harmony duo of Morrissey and Marshall.

A couple of years ago, Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall arrived in London from Dublin with two acoustic guitars and a headful of shared dreams. They set about hauling themselves up the hard way from the rough and tumble of street corner busking and open-mic nights to playing at some of the best venues and recording studios in the city.

While their debut, And so it Began, won them plaudits as the finest pair of harmony singers to have emerged on the circuit for decades, Morrissey & Marshall upped their game with a collection of songs to rival those of the very greatest groups. With its raw production and seamless combination of vocal, instrumental and songwriting prowess.


Morrissey & Marshall’s current release is a special one. Due to the endless debate of whether they are better with a big production and full band behind them, or stripped down to the bare bones with 2 acoustic guitars and two vocals, the Dublin duo decided to release ‘We Rise Again… Acoustically’.

Musically, We Rise Again… Acoustically is a big step up to the top table of pop. With international release and touring deals in place across Europe and as far afield as Japan and Australia, the words and sounds of Morrissey & Marshall are spreading rapidly.

Whatever happens next, the band are already owners of two of the biggest names in rock, a coincidence which prompted one MC to suggest that they might sound like “a heavily-amplified Smiths gig”.  Morrissey smiles at the reference to their namesakes. “We have never pretended to be anyone other than Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall. It’s who we really are.”

Tickets are €15 and doors open 7.30pm


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